wells fargo bank reverse mortgage program

Wells Fargo Bank Reverse Mortgage Program

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Wells fargo Pros and Cons


  • Solutions very own finances
  • 5,000 branches across the US
  • Accepted by HUD – Housing and also Urban Growth


  • Federal government actions and billion buck penalties by the CFPB have tainted consumer count on
  • No longer provides reverse home loan financing services
  • Offered their reverse home loan maintenance portfolio to Champion Home loan as well as no longer solutions the car loans they stemmed

Wells Fargo Review

Wells Fargo & Firm is just one of the largest and also best known banks worldwide. Its background dates back to the 1850’s, when Henry Wells and also William Fargo began the company to supply banking in The golden state. Today, it is just one of the “huge four” United States financial institutions, along with JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and Citi. By market cap, it’s the third largest and it places 4th by total assets.

Wells Fargo was regularly one of the largest reverse home mortgage originators in the nation from the early 1990s until 2011. The Federal Housing Administration began the House Equity Conversion Home Mortgage (HECM) program in 1989, so this run of prominence extended most of its presence. This makes a good deal of sense – this is a brand-new, complex, as well as in some cases questionable product, as well as lots of clients were most comfortable managing a big and well established brand name. Financial Institutions like Wells Fargo and also Bank of America loaded this customer demand for years.

Wells Fargo’s market share peaked at an amazing 35.44% in 2004 as well as continually topped 20%. Wells as well as BofA together continually come from regarding 45-50% of complete quantity. We’ve put together a table below describing the firm’s overall originations and also market share in time.

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Nonetheless, in 2011 Wells Fargo left the reverse home mortgage business, specifying that it no more made company sense to proceed with the item. Its exit accompanied those of Metlife and also Financial Institution of America, two various other huge gamers within the industry. Ever since, the void has actually been filled by non-bank establishments that are a little bit minimal known amongst your average American.

Among the significant problems that Wells Fargo mentioned was that at the time customers did not need to go through any type of type of financial assessment before obtaining a reverse home loan. This led to a high incidence of consumers defaulting on tax obligations, home owners insurance, or both (called T&I defaults within the sector). However, in 2015 the Department of Housing and also Urban Development started calling for a financial evaluation to ensure that borrowers will certainly be able to satisfy these obligations.

Although it has actually been inactive for years, Wells Fargo is still without a doubt the biggest reverse home loan provider in background. It originated over 160,000 HECM finances, whereas the 2nd largest loan provider, Financial Flexibility Elder Financing, has actually originated about 25% of that number at 49,000.

Will Wells Fargo start supplying reverse mortgages once more? Just time will tell. Nevertheless, if you are an existing client you can call Wells Fargo Home Mortgage at 1-800-472-3209 for aid.


Upon the news that it would certainly exit the reverse mortgage organization, Wells Fargo’s execs informed market press electrical outlet Reverse Mortgage Daily that house cost unpredictability incorporated with HECM program limitations made it challenging to establish whether debtors might fulfill their car loan commitments.

These obligations, which continue to apply to reverse mortgages today, consist of ongoing payment of real estate tax as well as home owners insurance policy, as well as upkeep of the building to Federal Real estate Administration (FHA) criteria.

As part of any type of FHA-insured reverse mortgage loan, the borrower has to maintain these commitments in order to maintain the funding current.

Subsequently, consumers with FHA-insured reverse home loans are ensured that they will certainly continue to receive their car loan settlements as stated in the loan contract, and that they will never ever owe even more to settle their reverse home loan than the home deserves at the time of sale.

Wells Fargo Exits Reverse Mortgage Business

Wells Fargo, the leading mastermind of reverse home mortgages, introduced today that they will cease offering Home Equity Conversion Home Mortgages (HECM). This comes after their March 1, 2011 statement that they were exiting the wholesale reverse home mortgage organization.

There is a great deal of speculation regarding why Wells Fargo reverse home loan would make this move. In their press release the company stated that “the choice was made based on today’s unpredictable home worths in addition to the restrictions associated with reverse home loans that make it challenging to establish seniors’ capacities to fulfill the responsibilities of homeownership and their reverse mortgage, e.g., repayment of real estate tax as well as home owners’ insurance coverage. The government’s HECM or reverse mortgage program was created in a different economic time.”

We are visiting some pricing increases as we saw when Bank of America left the reverse mortgage organization. If truth, it took place already today. The factor is that the additional market comes to be extremely anxious when such a large mastermind of reverse home mortgages decides to stop supplying the item.

Here’s an e-mail we obtained from among our wholesale lenders today:

” I make sure you all have seen the rates drop from all Reverse Home loan lenders and what I’ve been informed by additional results from the current news of Wells Fargo exiting the reverse home loan arena most financial institutions have actually gone down pricing till they see exactly what the investor community will certainly do right here … I assume we will certainly be OK, yet it is going to take a little time to process and settle into the brand-new landscape. Hopefully, it will not take also long.”

Many elders depend of reverse home loans to boost their each day quality of life. MLS Reverse Mortgage is offered to aid any seniors that may have started a financing with Wells Fargo or were checking out a financing with them. We provide affordable rates as well as fees and are very proficient at reverse home mortgages.

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Wells Fargo will certainly continue to service their existing HECM reverse mortgages. For anybody who may have been dealing with Wells Fargo reverse mortgage, make certain to look into our reverse home mortgage calculator to see how much money you might receive.

As this is a new tale, we will make sure to post even more information as we obtain them.

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