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In today’s fast-paced financial landscape, finding the best CD rates is crucial for individuals and businesses alike. As 2023 unfolds, Huntington Bank stands out as a leading financial institution offering competitive CD rates that can help you grow your savings. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the details of Huntington Bank CD rates in 2023, providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Understanding CD Rates

Before we delve into the specifics of Huntington Bank’s CD rates, let’s take a moment to understand the concept of Certificate of Deposit (CD) rates. A CD is a financial product that allows you to deposit a fixed amount of money for a specific period of time, known as the term. In return, the bank offers you a predetermined interest rate that is typically higher than regular savings accounts. CD rates are influenced by various factors, including market conditions and the term length.

Huntington Bank’s Competitive Edge

Huntington Bank has established itself as a trusted and reliable financial institution, renowned for its commitment to customer satisfaction. When it comes to CD rates, Huntington Bank stands out from the competition by offering attractive rates that align with the current market trends. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to the world of CDs, Huntington Bank’s offerings are designed to meet your financial goals.

Huntington Bank CD Options

Huntington Bank offers a comprehensive selection of CD options designed to suit various savings goals and preferences. Let’s explore the key CD offerings:

Traditional CDs

Huntington Bank’s Traditional CDs provide a straightforward and reliable savings option. These CDs come with fixed terms and interest rates, allowing you to select a term length that aligns with your financial objectives. Traditional CDs are suitable for individuals seeking a conservative approach to saving and investing.

Relationship CDs

Relationship CDs are exclusive to Huntington Bank customers who maintain a qualifying Huntington checking account. These CDs offer enhanced rates as a reward for the customer’s banking relationship. Relationship CDs provide an opportunity to earn higher interest while enjoying the convenience of a consolidated banking experience.

Jumbo CDs

For individuals with substantial savings, Huntington Bank offers Jumbo CDs. These CDs require a higher minimum deposit compared to traditional CDs but offer correspondingly higher interest rates. Jumbo CDs are designed to cater to individuals seeking competitive rates for larger deposits.

Promotional CDs

Huntington Bank periodically introduces Promotional CDs with special terms and rates to attract new customers or reward existing ones. These CDs often come with unique features or limited-time offers, providing an opportunity to maximize your savings during promotional periods.

Current CD Rates at Huntington Bank in 2023

As of 2023, Huntington Bank offers highly competitive CD rates across its various account types. While the exact rates may vary depending on the term length and account type, the bank ensures that all rates are designed to provide customers with attractive returns on their investments.

Huntington Bank Fixed-Rate CDs

CD TermAPYMinimum Deposit
1 month0.05%$1,000
3 months0.05%$1,000
6 months0.10%$1,000
7 months4.86%*$1,000
9 months0.10%$1,000
11 months5.13%*$1,000
12 months0.10%$1,000
14 months0.50%*$1,000
17 months4.86%*$1,000
18 months0.10%$1,000
24 months0.10%$1,000
25 months4.34%*$1,000
36 months0.10%$1,000
48 months0.10%$1,000
60 months0.10%$1,000
72 months0.10%$1,000

It’s important to note that these rates are subject to change and may vary based on market conditions. To get the most up-to-date rates, we recommend visiting Huntington Bank’s official website or contacting their customer service.

Overview of Huntington Bank CDs

Huntington Bank, renowned for its intriguing array of financial offerings, presents a captivating duo of CD accounts. With an air of exclusivity, the traditional fixed-rate CDs beckon with a demanding prerequisite of a minimum deposit of $1,000. On the other hand, the enigmatic jumbo CDs unveil an even more tantalizing condition, requiring a remarkable minimum deposit of $100,000. A perplexing twist lies within the compounding interest, occurring daily, as customers navigate the labyrinthine terrain of these enigmatic accounts.

Embarking on a thrilling odyssey of monetary pursuits, customers are bestowed with the freedom to select their preferred frequency of interest payout. Options abound, ranging from the monthly trickle to the quarterly cascade, the semi-annual downpour to the annual shower, or the grand culmination at maturity. The possibilities are as infinite as the mystifying allure of the Huntington Bank CDs themselves.

Beware, wanderer of financial realms, for within this enchanted realm, certain CDs possess a transient nature. The 7-day and 14-day jumbo CDs, shrouded in an air of transience, are bereft of the gift of renewal. However, fear not, for the other Huntington Bank CDs possess an innate power of renaissance. At the dawn of maturity, they elegantly unfurl their wings and embrace renewal, gracefully continuing their voyage in the vast sea of fiscal wonders.

But lo, a brief respite awaits the intrepid explorer within the confines of a 10-day grace period. Emerging triumphant from the realm of maturity, customers are bestowed with a brief interlude, during which they may shape their destiny. The powers of addition and withdrawal, the art of altering CD terms, or even the audacious act of closing the account are within their grasp. A bewildering tapestry of choices unfurls, inviting customers to revel in their newfound agency.

In a tale as old as time, the allure of the early withdrawal beckons to the faint-hearted. Yet, let it be known that Huntington Bank, like its counterparts, guards its treasures with an ironclad code. The audacious act of withdrawing funds prematurely from a CD account shall not go unpunished. Oh, the penalties, so variably meted out, ranging from a mere three moons of simple interest to a formidable twelve moons, contingent upon the length of your chosen CD term. A perplexing gamble indeed, where risks and rewards dance in a perpetual waltz.

Prepare yourself, dear reader, for an unforgettable journey into the labyrinthine landscape of financial enchantment. Behold the mysteries and wonders that lie within the realm of Huntington Bank CDs, where dreams take flight and destinies are forged.

Overview of Huntington Bank CDs

Minimum Deposit$1,000 for fixed-rate CDs /$100,000 for jumbo CDs
Term Lengths1, 3, 6, 9, 12, 14, 18, 24, 36, 48, 60 and 72 months for fixed-rate CDs 7 days and 14 days; 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 12, 14, 18, 24, 30, 36, 48 and 60 months for jumbo CDs
Compounding ScheduleDaily
Early Withdrawal Penalty
  • Terms 12 months or shorter: 3 months of simple interest
  • Terms longer than 12 months, up to 18 months: 6 months of simple interest
  • Terms longer than 18 months: 12 months of simple interest
Grace Period for Penalty-Free Withdrawals After Maturity10 days

Benefits of Choosing Huntington Bank CD Rates

When considering CD rates, Huntington Bank offers several advantages that make them a top choice for savers:

1. Competitive Rates

Huntington Bank’s CD rates are consistently competitive within the industry. By offering attractive interest rates, the bank allows you to maximize your savings potential and achieve your financial goals more efficiently.

2. Flexibility

With a range of CD terms available, Huntington Bank provides the flexibility to align your investments with your specific needs and time horizons. Whether you’re saving for a short-term goal or planning for the long haul, you can find a CD term that suits you.

3. Trusted Reputation

Huntington Bank has a longstanding history of trust and reliability. With over a century of experience in the banking industry, they have earned the confidence of their customers. When you choose Huntington Bank, you can be assured that your funds are in safe hands.

4. Excellent Customer Service

One of the pillars of Huntington Bank’s success is their commitment to exceptional customer service. Their dedicated team of professionals is readily available to assist you with any inquiries or concerns you may have, ensuring a seamless and satisfying banking experience.


As we look ahead to 2023, Huntington Bank remains a frontrunner in providing competitive CD rates that can help you grow your savings. Their diverse range of CD account options, coupled with their commitment to customer satisfaction, make them an excellent choice for individuals and businesses alike.

When exploring your CD options, keep Huntington Bank at the top of your list. To stay up-to-date with the latest CD rates and offerings, visit Huntington Bank’s official website or contact their knowledgeable customer service representatives. Secure your financial future with Huntington Bank CD rates in 2023.

Huntington Bank CDs offer individuals a reliable and potentially rewarding savings and investment option. With various CD types, competitive rates, flexible terms, and FDIC insurance, Huntington Bank provides a solid platform for individuals looking to enhance their financial portfolios. By understanding the different CD options, strategies for maximizing returns, and associated risks, you can make informed decisions that align with your financial aspirations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Huntington Bank CDs FDIC insured?

Yes, Huntington Bank CDs are FDIC insured up to the maximum limit allowed by law, providing depositors with essential protection.

2. Can I withdraw my funds from a Huntington Bank CD before the maturity date?

Withdrawing funds from a Huntington Bank CD before the maturity date typically incurs early withdrawal penalties. The specific penalty amount depends on the term and type of CD.

3. Do Relationship CDs require a Huntington Bank checking account?

Yes, Relationship CDs are exclusive to Huntington Bank customers who maintain a qualifying checking account with the bank. These CDs offer enhanced rates as a reward for the customer’s banking relationship.

4. What is the minimum deposit requirement for Huntington Bank CDs?

The minimum deposit requirement for Huntington Bank CDs may vary depending on the specific CD product. It’s important to review the terms and conditions of each CD option to determine the minimum deposit required.

5. Can I open a Huntington Bank CD online?

Yes, Huntington Bank offers the convenience of opening CDs online through their official website. You can explore the CD options, compare rates, and complete the application process digitally.

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